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Learn How to Play New Age Piano
A Complete Online Course!

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Learn at your own pace from the comfort of home! Join me, New Age pianist and teacher Edward Weiss online as I turn you from amateur into artist! With over 150 enchanting lessons I show you how to create your own beautiful New Age piano music! No previous experience is necessary or required. Start playing piano the way you've always wanted; flowing and beautiful! The secret is chords! Improvisation, composition, theory... it's all covered in full detail!

Lesson One: Oriental Sunrise
In this lesson you use the pentatonic minor scale and chords to create a free-form improvisation. 

Lesson Two: Ocean Dreams
Here you learn to use the 3 basic chords from the C Major scale to create a unique little improvisation.

Lesson Three: Rainforest
In this lesson you use chords in the Key of G Major to create the backdrop for Rainforest. Your right hand improvises a melody. 

Lesson Four: Morning Mist
In this lesson you learn how to use the crossover technique along with the scale and chords of F Major to create the atmosphere of Morning Mist. 

Lesson Five: Winter Scene
In this lesson you use an ostinato pattern along with chords from the modal scale of D dorian. 

Lesson Six: Autumn
Here you learn how to use an 8-bar phrase along with broken chords to create the background for Autumn.

Lesson Seven: Caverns
In this lesson you learn how to cross your right hand over your left to hit bass notes while your left hand plays a repeating pattern.   

Lesson Eight: Wild Iris
In this lesson you use the crossover technique
along with an 8-bar phrase to create an extended improvisation-composition.   

Lesson Nine: Ice Crystals
Here you learn how to create an improvisation and use it to create your first composition in ABA form.

Lesson Ten: Forest Floor  
In this lesson you learn a new crossover pattern in the Key of D Major.

Student Testimonial -- "I am a piano teacher and have never played any New Age music.
This is excellent material and I am telling my students about your website so they can take full advantage of your amazing teaching!" -- Nancy Marquart