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Experience the Pure Joy of Improvisation!

Become a New Age Pianist! Finally... really playing piano instead of just looking at it! Join me, pianist and teacher Edward Weiss online as I give you the tools and techniques you need to create your own beautiful New Age piano music! Edward

Dear Hopeful Student... It's been a dream of yours for a long, long time. Playing the piano without sheet music or musical scores. You've always envied other pianists that could. They make it all seem so straightforward and fun.

You wish you could be the one sitting behind those keys, getting lost in the melody - actually creating music your own personal composition. With fingers gliding effortlessly across the keyboard, filling the room with sounds of pure magic - spellbinding everyone in your presence with the delightful sounds flowing from your piano! NOW YOU CAN!

Try It Risk-FREE For 30-Days!! That's right! Join now for just $39 $19! Then... take a full month having fun as Edward shows you how to easily play piano in the New Age style! If you love it, stick around and keep learning for the low half-off price! If not simply cancel within 30-days and we'll refund your $19 in full! This way you risk nothing! So what are you waiting for? Guaranteed to change and improve your life! Sign up now below!

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P.S. How the Course Works: It's easy! After you join, you'll get your username and password to access the course lessons. Over 150 amazing piano lessons you'll love! It's keyboard friendly. No piano? No problem. Keyboards will work just as well! Join now and start getting creative!

P.P.S. We Make Cancelling Easy! Just want to try the lessons for a month? It's OK! You're never locked in and can cancel anytime you want! You're in charge! Sign up NOW ABOVE!

See You Inside

Edward Weiss

Edward Weiss
Quiescence Music