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Create Your Own Beautiful Paiku! 
by Edward Weiss

So, what's a Paiku? It's my own term for a short piano piece that uses no more than 3 chords and lasts no longer than 2 minutes.

I came up with the term to teach my students about improvisation and how they can create something beautiful at the piano in a very short time - and with very little skill involved!

Here's how it's done...


First, choose a key to play in. This can be anything from Major to modal. The key can also be chosen by playing around on the piano and discovering it from there. What I like to do is just sit down and see what comes up. The Key center can be determined right then or even before playing.

Second, begin improvising right away using the first chord. For example, let's say I sit down at the piano and like the idea of playing something in D Major. In this lesson, I reach for a D Major 7 chord in open position (explained in detail in your free workbook) and the improvisation begins. All Paiku's must be improvised. A haiku is a short poem about a present moment experience. A Paiku is the exact same thing, only for music.

Last but not least, you are only allowed 3 chords to play with. For instance, in the above example I begin by playing an D Major 7 chord. The first chord determines the Key so I can play any other chord from the Key of D Major. Chords must be within the Key so I can't go outside of D Major. In Koi Pond, just 2 chords are used, D Maj. 7 and G Maj. 7.

The point is to keep it simple so you can focus on the improvisation and stay in the present.

The music that you create in your Paiku may also have a title. I prefer nature themes and will use something like 'Autumn Leaves' or 'Sea Breeze' to capture a mood. Titles can be added before or after your Paiku is done.

By the way ... a complete step-by-step breakdown of "Koi Pond - A Paiku" is available to course members. I go into complete detail and show you exactly how it's done - and more importantly, how you can do it yourself! You can get started now by clicking here.

My warmest regards,

Edward Weiss

Edward Weiss
Quiescence Music