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Create a Calm, Reflective Mood
Lesson: 'Nurturing Rain'

by Edward Weiss

You've probably heard it before - the calming, tranquil sounds of New Age piano coming from a gift shop or stereo.

Listening to this kind of music has many therapeutic affects, but did you know that you could also reduce stress by learning how to play in this style? It's true! And the good news is you don't need years of lessons to begin!


All that is required is knowledge of a few chords and that's it! I've had students tell me that nothing relaxes them more than just sitting at the piano and playing what they feel. They aren't too concerned with being perfect or 'playing it right.' They just want to relax, have fun, and get creative on the piano without having to spend years doing it.

The relaxation and sense of well being that comes from playing piano in the New Age style is profound. Breathing slows down. Focus is sharpened and heightened as well.

Music is a soothing balm and can be very therapeutic and even more so when you actually create it yourself! Reduce stress and feel a sense of peace while you learn to play chords and make music. It can be done. And it's very easy to begin!

For instance, in the lesson Nurturing Rain (full lesson available to members) you learn to create a calm, reflective mood using a few chords and the Db Major scale. This is something you can do, and it won't take years, months or weeks. You can improvise and create your own New Age piano music literally within a few short hours!

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My warmest regards,

Edward Weiss

Edward Weiss
Quiescence Music