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Creating Great
Sounding Improvisations!
by Edward Weiss

We all want quick results. And fortunately for fans of the New Age piano style, quick results are easy enough to obtain.

One of my favorite techniques for creating a great sounding improvisation is to use something called an ostinato pattern. The reason I like this technique is because of the variety available. There are literally millions and millions of combinations.

For example, in the video above 'October Colors,' the right hand begins the piece with a simple ostinato pattern. Then, the left joins in playing the same chord. The amazing thing about this is that it's a repeating pattern! And with this pattern, I created the first section using chords from the D harmonic minor scale.

If I wanted to extend this piece, I could simply add in another section and this is what I did. You can hear the new section by the contrast created. It's in D Major.

You see, many students have a problem because they think they have to come up with something "sophisticated." They believe you must have complicated patterns that stretch the hands and challenge the technique of the player. But - if you just want to relax, have fun and create a simple heartfelt music, you don't need all that.

By the way... a complete step-by-step breakdown of 'October Colors' is now available to course members! Watch as I show you how it's done and how you can do it yourself! Sign up now and you'll get a FREE workbook! You can learn more about it now by clicking here.

My warmest regards,

Edward Weiss

Edward Weiss
Quiescence Music