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Interview with Catherine Duc 
by Edward Weiss

Catherine Duc is a composer of Ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. More info below.

Edward: How Did You Get Started Playing New Age Piano?

Catherine: I started learning classical piano in school, but only started to become interested in New Age music when I took computer music classes in my senior year at school. I was very fascinated with all the atmospheric sounds that could be produced by the music school's synthesizer.

Edward: What Inspires and Informs Your Music?

Catherine: My inspiration comes from beautiful sceneries - this can be from nature, photos, paintings or movies.  Also listening to a wide variety of music from New Age to World to Classical gives me ideas. For information, I've taken formal music classes from piano to recording to composing for media. I also do self study on orchestration and production and read performance/motivational books such as 'The Mastery of Music' by Barry Green.

Edward: What Is Your Method for Composing a Piano Piece?

Catherine: The first idea usually comes from a chord progression or a melody that I hear in my head as I'm going about day to day activities.  I then develop the piece with counter melodies, accompaniment, percussion and effects

Edward: Do You Get Blocked Creatively, and If So, How Do You Get Past It?

Catherine: I rarely find myself in this position because I only compose when I'm inspired. I usually don't have any external pressure to produce compositions. However, if a melody or accompaniment is not falling into place easily, I stop composing and do something else like listen
to music, watch a movie or go for a walk.  I like to compose in my mind and try out different combinations to see which one would work best.

Edward: What Advice Would You Give To Aspiring New Age Pianists?

Catherine: Firstly, have fun and don't force or rush yourself to learn.  When you have fun in playing and composing music, you'll learn easily. If you can find a music artist whose talent you admire, this is a great motivation. Try to go and see live New Age musicians or watch a DVD of
their concerts. Some recommendations: Vangelis and Secret Garden.

Catherine Duc is a composer of Ambient music with Celtic, World and Electronica influences. Learn more about Catherine and her music at http://www.catherineduc.com